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User   list   for   channel   #ironmaiden

The policy of the channel is not to provide anymore access 
to anybody since as you can see a lot of operators already 
exist in the channel unless it is some special case where 
the need for a person to become operator is necessary!
Moreover as a result to avoid fights in the channel and 
confusion the channel has been set on StrictOp mode and 
many people who used to have access but rarely join the 
channel have been removed their access and given to people 
who join the channel regularly!

Eddie              Access:500
Trooper            Access:499
Harris             Access:499
Icaros             Access:499
IRONS              Access:450
Mansion            Access:350
[DIO]              Access:300
[Manitou]          Access:300
Babyface^          Access:300
Exoristos          Access:300
Pepemaiden         Access:300
Lady_Gers          Access:250
|Freud|            Access:200