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Up   The   Bloody   Irons think you know everything about Maiden?...try this!!this is your chance to win a 100access in the channel by answering correctly to all the following questions!(if you have already an access then the existing one will be upgrated by 100)!!Send your answers to the email below with the subject Competition...

(1)Who is the manager of Iron Maiden?

(2)Who was Maiden's first drummer?

(3)When was "Soundhouse Tapes" released?

(4)After which tour did Adrian Smith join Maiden?

(5)Whom did he replace?

(6)When&where did the X-Factour start(date&place)?

(7)When did Steve Harris leave school?

(8)When did he make his own band Maiden?

(9)What is the date that "Live At Donnington 1992" was recorded?

(10)"After the demise of .... ,Steve got into a band callled ...."what are the names of the two bands?

(11)"Iron Maiden made their first appearance at the ..... .... .... .... in Stratford,East London"...what is the name of the place?

(12)What is the track-list of the soundhouse tapes?

(13)When did Nicko McBrain join the band?

(14)What was Blaze Bayley's ex-band?

(15)How many STUDIO albums did Martin Birch produce with Maiden?