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8 mega tracks with a running time of 53 minutes.The 
tracklist is as follows:

1.Futureal    Harris/Bayley
2.The Angel And The Gambler    Harris
3.Lightning Strikes Twice    Murray/Harris
4.The Clansman    Harris
5.When Two Worlds Collide    Murray/Bayley
6.The Educated Fool    Harris
7.Don't Look To The Eyes Of A Stranger    Harris
8.Como Estais Amigos    Gers/Bayley

Virtual XI: Check The New Album Cover
Virtual XI: Check virtual xi lyrics of 3 songs
Singles: View the artwork of the singles

Maiden are well known for the quality of artwork and 
packaging and "Virtual XI" is no exception.
The cover and booklet incorporate the three 
things that the band are into a big way-football,computer
games and ofcourse,Eddie!
The artwork of "Virtual XI" is by Melvin Grant who 
also did "Fear Of The Dark" and the inner sleeve design
is handled by Synthetic Dimensions who are a computer 
games design company.They are also the people who are 
developing the forthcoming Maiden game-"Ed Hunter"

The first single from the new album will be 
"The Angel And The Gambler" which will be released on 
March 9th in the UK and Europe.The cover artwork is by 
Derek Riggs.There are 3 formats being released which are:

1.CD-Digipack with poster-side 1:Virtual XI/side 2 Fixture 
  List 98 and band shot
Tracklist: Angel And The Gambler (full version)
           Blood on the worlds hands (live)
           Afraid to shoot strangers (enhanced as 
           a cd-rom showing the as yet unseen video)

2.CD-Digipack with postcards of band members
  Angel and the gambler (edited version)
  The Aftermath (live)
  Man on the edge (enhanced as a cd rom with the 
  marsada version of the video)

3. 7" Picture Disc with poster of the band
   Angel and the gambler (full version)
   Blood on the worlds hands (live)
   The Aftermath (live)

The single release for USA will be "Futureal" and will
be a 1 track promo CD.


The football element comes in with the Virtual Photograph
of their internationally flavoured Virtual XI team which
includes such famous names as Paul Gascoigne,Faustino 
Asprilla,Ian Wright,Stuart Pearce,Patrck Vieira and Marc 
everyone knows that football has always been a big passion 
for maiden and to enhance that even more in 1998-being a 
World Cup year the band will be doing a promotional tour 
of Europe which will incorporate football matches against
various record company and music press teams!
The games are scheduled for the following dates and are 
correct at the time of going to press but please make 
sure that you check the major and local press for 
confirmation and venue!
Paris      March 11th
Berlin     March 13th
Madrid     March 18th
Stockholm  March 22nd
Milan      March 25th