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Hail out there all maiden freaks!This is the official homepage of the #IronMaiden channel on IRC providing news and other interesting stuff concerning the gods of metal,Iron Maiden. What the fuck are you still doing here????get your fuckin ass to #IronMaiden NOW!!!!

"If you're feeling down depressed and lonely I know a place where we can go #IronMaiden Avenue meet a beast that I know... #IronMaiden, the avenue that's the place where we all go You will find it's warm inside the red light's burning bright tonight"

London 16 May: Some Fotos Taken From Iron Maiden Show In London May 16
News: Beware the beast is back!The new album tracklist/cover and lyrics of 3 new songs
Operators:The Operators Of The Channel
Mailing List: Join the Mailin List Of The Channel
Members Of The Mailin List: Have a glance at the members of the mailin list
Rare And Exclusive Sounds:Sounds In Real Audio format
Metal Mailing Lists: Other metal mailin lists
Are you sureż: are you sure you know everything about maidenżżżżż
Links: Some of the be(a)st links on Maiden
Cybershop: The new official iron maiden cybershop
Other Interesting Links: Interesting Links
IRC: don't know what irc is and what to find out??
Occupied Cyprus: Have a look what is going on in my country Cyprus and have your own judge people!!This site is dedicated to Solomos Solomou(shot dead by turks) and Tasos Isaac(brutally beaten to death)!if u don't believe that then just take a look in the fotos inside


The This Iron Maiden Ring site
is owned by Iron Maiden Will Get Ya No Matter How Far .
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